Guardianship / Conservatorship

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Whenever a time of difficulty occurs in one’s life, the most defenseless people that they care about become a primary concern. One of the most practical ways to protect a child or grandparents is to plan for this ahead of time. Here in Colorado, an individual is given the privilege to do so by appointing a “legal guardian.” The act of guardianship, also known as conservatorship, can be authorized by the court. It states that the legal guardian is there to support an incapacitated person’s regular needs. If you are preparing to secure the welfare of your child or an incapable loved one, Guardianship Lawyers Grand Junction, CO can efficiently guide you on which steps to take to get the court’s approval. Here are some details you need to know as you move forward:

Terms of Guardianship

According to Colorado law, a legal guardian is expected to be accountable with the “ward” or the person being cared for. They must be able to provide the ward’s needs in terms of a home, proper education, health, and overall support. In most cases, the chosen guardian is already a family member that is related to the ward.

Grounds for a Need of Guardianship



In general, it is legally stated that any adult who is not capable of making mature or rational decisions for their own welfare may need guardianship. This incapacity may be proven by a psychologist’s report, doctor’s analysis, or an official order from the court based on deliberation. For the ward’s protection, they will also be required to obtain legal advice and a critical examination of the supposed guardian. It’s ideal to seek guidance from Conservatorship Lawyers in Grand Junction, CO, who are experts in protecting the rights of an incapacitated person.


In cases wherein a minor is usually left due to the death of a parent or parents, guardianship is necessary to secure the needs and rights of the child. Other than death, other grounds for filing guardianship may include grave illnesses, intellectually limiting accidents or lack of guidance due to the military responsibilities of the parents. Any evidence of abuse, offense, and neglect related to the minor should be a major concern. Drug addiction and child abuse are grounds for official guardianship, and this can be imposed directly by state orders.

Grounds for Emergency Conservatorship

Emergency conservatorship occurs when a minor is exposed to an emergency situation and they must be looked after by an appointed person for their own welfare. In cases wherein the parents are incapacitated, dying, or incapable of communication, the first option is to consider a parental will that secures their plans for the minor. You may be practical and draft a will regarding guardianship terms with the help of Conservatorship Attorneys in Grand Junction, CO. If unavailable, the court will have the responsibility to appoint a person to look after the minor. The span and efficacy of an emergency conservatorship may only last a maximum of 60 days. The reasoning for the time limit is to protect the minor from being taken advantage of.

Legally Secure the Safety of Your Defenseless Loved Ones

It takes time, courage, and determination to decide the guardianship of a loved one, and we are in solidarity with you to make the process easier and successful. Guardianship law involves tedious processes and it may pose several complex issues. To ease your worries, look for Guardianship Attorneys in Grand Junction, CO, who have exceptional experiences in these matters. They can enlighten you with all the essential requirements and information. For any concerns and more details, give Trace Tyler’s office a ring today for consultation.