Violation of Probation/ Parole

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Violation of Probation

Violation of Parole

What to Expect if You Violate Your Probation

Probation violations are serious matters. An offender who violates his or her probation in Colorado is at serious risk of the court ordering them to complete their time in jail or possibly prison. If you feel you (or a loved one) might be or already have been accused by your probation officer of violating your probation, then having an experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable attorney like Trace Tyler can help you avoid serious punishment.

How Does Someone Violate Probation?

After your sentencing to any form of probation by the court, your probation officer should have given you a copy of your conditions of probation when you first met them. Violating any of those rules could lead to a violation and possible revocation. In Colorado, there are three types of probation for adults: unsupervised, supervised, and intensive supervision for sex offenders. Each has its own set of unique rules and stipulations.

Unsupervised Probation

If you were on unsupervised probation, the State requires you to remain on good behavior for the duration of your sentence. Violations of this type of probation generally involve committing new crimes. In this situation, having an experienced lawyer who is also skilled in criminal defense is essential. If this is your case, Trace Tyler can work with the court with the consequences of your probation violation and give you the best defense on any new criminal charges.

Supervised Probation

Higher risk offenders are put on a supervised probation that includes meeting with a probation officer regularly and abiding by a list of conditions as required by the State of Colorado, plus any additional stipulations added by the sentencing judge. The following is a basic list of common violations of probation in Colorado, but it does not cover all potential violations.
• Failing or refusing a drug test • Missing scheduled meetings with your probation officer • Not paying court fees or court ordered restitution • Committing another crime • Missing scheduled court appearances • Failing to enroll in, or attend substance abuse classes • Not participating in required mental health assessments or therapy Any of the above and more can send an offender back to jail. It is therefore essential to hire Trace Tyler, a qualified Grand Junction, CO violation of probation attorney if you, a family member, or loved one is in violation their terms of probation.

Sex Offender Intensive Supervision

Sex offenders on probation face the toughest form of probation. These offenders are required to abide by the normal adult supervised and their own set of unique stipulations. The following are a few of the common violations by sex offenders on probation.
• Failure to register as a sex offender • Unapproved contact with a minor • Possession of pornography • Not attending sex offender therapy • Starting a relationship without permission • Contacting the victim of the offense Since sex offenders are subject to the strictest form of probation, the punishments for violating them can be severe. Those offenders who violate probation should not try to fight their revocation by themselves.

What Happens When Someone Violates Probation?

Probation officers are all different, and each uses their own discretion when it comes to a probationer in violation. Just because you make a mistake does not automatically mean you are bound for jail. In severe cases, the probation officer will either arrest the offender at their meeting or have a warrant issued for their arrest. The accused will then appear in court and face a judge, who will decide if the accused will: • Be released back on probation, • Be released with additional stipulations, or • Have their probation revoked.

What Is Revocation of Probation?

When a judge revokes your probation, you will complete your sentence while incarcerated. This is the most serious punishment. Since judges talk to the defense attorney, the prosecutor, and the probation officer when making their decision, having an experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable Grand Junction, CO violation of probation lawyer like Trace Tyler by your side can seriously help your chances of avoiding jail time.

Violation of Parole

Don’t Take Risks with Your Parole: Call a Grand Junction, CO Violation of Parole Lawyer Now

A prison sentence is a difficult thing to get through. If you are one of the fortunate persons granted parole, then you want to make the most of the life that is before you. Unfortunately, this is not always so simple. Re-entering society and making a living in it is not easy for people who have spent time in jail. You may find yourself in circumstances that you did not want to be in, and this could lead to a violation of the terms of your parole. A parole violation is a serious offense, and if you have been charged with violating your parole, you should seek the help of an attorney. A good Grand Junction, CO violation of parole attorney can put together a robust and aggressive defense, which is what you will need if you want to avoid going to jail or even back to prison.

The Challenge of a Parole Violation in CO

If you are taken into custody for a parole violation, your fate will be determined in a court hearing. A judge will ultimately decide whether you are guilty of violating your parole. No jury is involved, and so all a prosecutor must prove is a high likelihood that you violated the terms of parole.

Types of Parole Violation

The aim of Colorado’s parole system is to keep as many people out of prison as possible. To meet this standard, the state has created precise rules and conditions for parolees to keep their freedom. These rules must be strictly adhered to. Violators risk re-incarceration. There are substantive violations and technical violations of parole. Substantive violations consist of actions and incidents in which a parolee commits a new crime. The following is a list of common substantive violations:
  • Domestic abuse

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Drug crime

  • Theft

  • Assault and battery

  • Fraud

A technical violation consists of the failure to follow the conditions of your parole. You will be told the rules and conditions of your parole during a parole hearing, which will occur before you are released. The slightest deviation from these rules can put you in violation. Although technical violations are not as bad as substantive violations, they can still lead to serious penalties. Common technical violations include:
  • Testing positive for drugs

  • Failure to check-in with your parole officer according to schedule

  • Failure to adhere to curfew

  • Failure to follow a restraining order

The Need to Defend Yourself

If you have been accused of a parole violation in Colorado, you want a dedicated, experienced, and effective lawyer by your side like Trace Tyler. The stress and strain of being arrested for a technical or substantive violation can be overwhelming. You want someone who will listen to you and who will believe in you enough to pursue all the facts concerning your case. If there were circumstances beyond your control that led to the violation, Trace will discern them and put together the kind of defense that will get you the best outcome possible.

No matter the kind or severity of your violation, you deserve a vigorous defense. Life is hard for those who are trying to put their lives back together after years of incarceration. Trace is an experienced Grand Junction, CO violation of parole lawyer who understands this and will use the circumstances of your life and the facts of the case to defend you against a prosecutor who may want to send you back to prison.

Trace Tyler represents clients in Mesa County, Grand Junction, Colorado. If you have been arrested for violating your parole, contact him immediately.