Criminal Defense

Avoid a Lengthy Legal Battle: Seek Advice from a Grand Junction, CO Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a crime is never an enjoyable experience and can often create life-long problems for the defendant if they are convicted. The case can also impact many more people than the accused. Those who have children or parents who are concerned about their well-being encounter problems in every aspect of their life. Even if the charge is a misdemeanor, significant jail time can be the result of a conviction in addition to any fines that are levied. A misdemeanor can yield up to one year in jail for a convicted defendant, and one-year incarceration is often the minimum for simple felonies. When the case will impact both your future and your freedom, it is vital to retain an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer like Trace Tyler to ensure your legal rights are observed and you are afforded all legal protections.

What Your Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do

Criminal cases in Colorado are decided based on evidence supplied by the state criminal justice attorney that must prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. The problem is that often, a state criminal justice attorney will use weak or borderline evidence in obtaining an indictment, which is evidence that will later be used in the prosecution. Your personal private criminal lawyer in Mesa County can inspect all articles of evidence for validity and proper obtainment while crafting a strong defense for your case. An effective criminal attorney will understand when evidence is factual or circumstantial and also know how and when to question an officer’s judgement in making an arrest. Not all cases are indictment cases, and many times, the method the officer used to obtain any purported evidence is gathered illegally. This is especially true in certain drug cases. Drugs are an emotional topic in Colorado in contemporary times, and a criminal law attorney understands the challenges defendants face.

Why Avoid a Public Criminal Defense Attorney?

Many practitioners in Colorado will qualify as a Grand Junction, CO criminal defense attorney, but this does not bode well for the defendant in most cases. Their priorities can easily be compromised, especially if they work directly with the state criminal law attorney on a daily basis. They and often have huge caseloads, which means they have minimal time to put into building a strong defense. This situation is different with private legal representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer, as they can actually conduct a separate investigation inspecting all evidence articles per the rules of submission. Criminal convictions are life-altering events, and it is important to fight any charge aggressively, even when the state may have a solid case.

Case Negotiation

Many criminal cases in Colorado are worked out before a trial when the prosecutor and your legal counsel can come to an agreement on the proper level of charge and equitable punishment. Sometimes, even a deferred judgment can be arranged, and in other cases, even a dismissal can be won when the evidence is invalid or obtained outside of legal protocol. Public defenders rarely go against the system that already gives all advantages to the court. When a plea bargain cannot be reached, your criminal defense attorney can opt to take the case to trial, requiring the state to prove their claims. For many defendants, the remainders of their lives are at stake, and solid legal representation can make a major difference in the final outcome. Never assume a criminal charge will result in an automatic conviction. It is up to you to fight the charges, and the best method is by retaining an experienced criminal lawyer in Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado like Trace Tyler.